Shipments and returns

Your pack shipment

Firstly, must fill the right English Address, (and we suggest you fill phone number).

1, We will ship the package in 1-2 Days, and, there is one Track number for Each Package, so you can check it by the Track number;

Some time, we maybe forget to update the Track number in the order, or forget to update the status of the order, so, please do not worry.

2, Normal shipment way, We can only tell you the arrival time under normal circumstances. It is only a forecast time. We have no way to guarantee the arrival time of the package.

3, If you choose the DHL, you maybe need to pay tax, how much tax, maybe more than 20%, so you need go to know about this, and must fill your phone number;

4, some country, Branzi, must fill the tax number;

5, Order protection:

Becuase all the Orders are pay by the Paypal, so, if you can not get the package, you can get back the money in 180 Days.

and, our shop, If the package has been dispatched, but, if you can not get the Package in 90 working days (Excluding holidays), we will resent one new package or full refund;

6, Especially because of the epidemic, there is a shortage of international flights and a large backlog of packages;

The logistics company needs time to make arrangements and wait for the flight;

Therefore, sometimes, it takes a while for the package to wait for the flight, it may be 3-7 days, or it may be 7-15 days, this is not certain.

Normally, if there is no epidemic situation, or when there are no special circumstances, the waiting time for ordinary parcels is 3-10 days, and it may take longer for individual remote countries.

7, For ordinary transportation methods, the logistics information will not be updated every day, it may not be updated for 3-5 days, or even 10 days, or there is no update for 10-30 days, this belongs to the normal range; under special circumstances, some logistics information may not be updated. Accurate, for reference only.

If the logistics information is not updated within 30 days after the package is sent, please contact us and we will check it.

if you need more news about the shipment, please contact us.